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“Ladies and gentlemen…

Step right up and prepare yourselves fora fantastic journey into the bizarre world of identical twins…”


REMADE (2015)

Everybody has a story to tell. Some stories are so emotive, so moving, so powerful that they get told more than once…

Taking inspiration from film and television remakes, Remade is a series of photographs that interpret a cinematic situation. Individually, we respond to a filmic scenario and create a narrative, a back story and a persona.

Without discussion, the photographs were taken in separate locations. We were interested to see how similar our interpretations would be to each other, thus the work also becomes an experiment into twin psychology
, testing the idea that twins have the same thoughts and ideas as one another.



Who are we?

How do we define our individuality?

Do we change this definition based on the social situations we find ourselves in?

We have been collaboratively creating artwork for more than 20 years and have ourselves, long been fascinated by the general fascination with twins; the mythology surrounding twins, the psychoanalytical studies of twins, and the associated notions of harmony and duality. 

Our work pays particular focus to what it is to be an identical being – to in an essence share an identity with your double. We aim to take advantage of the visual power – the awkwardness, the lack of fit and belonging, the freakish feel – of the twin motif. Within the performative element of our self portraits we illustrate the relevance of this evocative subject, in the context of a culture still fixated on The Individual.

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