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Diplotreia : The Pantheon of Duality (2023)

Through transforming ourselves into archetypes as described by modern interpretations of Carl Jung’s theories, we aim to make the viewer reflect upon the multi-faceted nature of their identities, and think about the roles they adopt as they navigate daily life.


Diplos – double | Latreia – worship | Diplotreia – duplication/duplicity

Who are we?

How do we define our individuality?

Do we change this definition depending on the social situation we find ourselves in?

…These are thoughts that have always captured our imagination, particularly with regard to the idea of the ‘joint identity’ that we, as identical twins, seem to share.

The works within our Diplotreia : The Pantheon of Duality series explore the intricate world of human identity by drawing inspiration from Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes and the psychology of daily roles.

Archetypes, symbolically rich representations of fundamental human characteristics, lie deep within our collective unconscious. We have identified archetypes such as the Hero, the Sage, the Lover, and the Jester, recognizing that individuals often embody a complex interplay of these archetypal energies. We draw parallels between Jung’s archetypes and the mythological pantheon of ancient Greece, where gods personify various aspects of human experience and behaviour.

Our works not only demonstrate the relevance of archetypes in contemporary understanding but also celebrates the enduring power of mythological narratives in capturing the depths of the human experience.

We invite the viewer to reflect on the multifaceted nature of human existence, challenging traditional notions of singular identity. Through visually captivating representations, we aim to showcase the rich depthof the human psyche, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of the roles we navigate in our lives.